Open source BI company, Pentaho has launched a new software suite designed to simplify the way that companies prepare data for detailed analysis.

The Pentaho Enterprise Data Services Suite offers users a set of tools to access a data source and subsequently prepare that data for end-user analysis. The software is available in on-premise or SaaS format. The range of tools includes enterprise-class data integration, data uploading, metadata and data optimisation tools.

The data integration tool offers users a means of building and managing data warehouse projects. The software's graphical, drag-and-drop environment includes access for all common data sources, (both open source and proprietary RDBMS), packaged applications such as Salesforce and SAP and a variety of flat file formats. Pentaho has also included 150 pre-built mapping objects as well as offering support for advanced data integration concepts such as slowly changing dimensions and enterprise information integration (EII).

Pentaho has also included a tool for easing the way that data can be moved to the cloud. The Enterprise Data Services Suite, includes a set of services that allows users to upload data to the cloud and start working on it. There is no software to install, no hardware to purchase, and no additional IT infrastructure to maintain said Pentaho.

The company has also started working with Hadoop, the open source project for scalable data handling,and the suite offers users the chance to lower the technical barriers to using Hadoop for Big Data projects. Using Hadoop has previously been an esoteric art, the new software simplifies the process for analytics including file input and output steps as well as managing Hadoop jobs.

"This suite will change every preconceived notion you've ever had about complex data preparation. The capabilities of the Pentaho Enterprise Data Services Suite make Pentaho a more cost-effective alternative for the vast majority of cloud and data integration deployments," said Richard Daley, CEO of Pentaho.