PDFPen, SmileOnMyMac's PDF editing software, should be a familiar name to productivity-minded Mac users, as should the Evernote file-management and syncing service. On Tuesday, those two offerings hooked up, when SmileOnMyMac released an update to PDFPen that adds Evernote integration.

The chief addition in PDFPen 4.7 is a "Save to Evernote" option. Once you're finished editing, marking up, or adding signatures and images to PDFs in PDFPen, you can now send your PDF masterpiece to Evernote simply from the File menu.

Evernote's file management and syncing offerings can be accessed via clients on the Mac, PC, web and iOS-powered devices, among other platforms. Evernote can manage things like text notes, audio files, photos, and, of course, PDFs, which is where PDFPen's update comes in.

PDFPen will ask for your Evernote credentials, then create a new note and attach your PDF. You can set the note's title for easy recollection and searching later, and PDFPen will prompt you to securely save your Evernote credentials in the Mac OS X Keychain.

PDFPen 4.7 is a free upgrade to current owners of version 4.x, and licences start at $50 for the regular version, and $100 for PDFPen Pro. Family pack and site licences are also available. PDFPen requires at least Mac OS X 10.4.