Wearable devices that are being trialled by Parkinson's UK to improve symptom management for sufferers have been granted an EU patent, signalling a green light for the devices to enter the UK market in the near future.

The Global Kinetics Corporation’s (GCK) KinetiGraph device, worn on the wrist, records patients’ movements and medication to assess dosage levels and their effectiveness.

Parkinsons KinetiGraph wearable
Parkinson's KinetiGraph wearable device from Global Kinetics Corporation, which will be given to hundreds of UK patients ©GKC

Charity Parkinson’s UK announced that it would trial the wearables on hundreds of patients over the next 12 months.

Now that the EU patent has been granted, the Australian-based firm hopes to "make measurable change" for Parkinson’s patients.

The patent covers the device and algorithms necessary for data analysis.

GCK’s CEO, Andrew Maxwell said: “It is imperative we protect our assets with a robust intellectual property portfolio and the granting of this patent marks a critical milestone as we target global commercialisation.”

Other innovative wearables that could change the medical world include open source application, MindRDR. It is hoped it will give those with conditions like locked-in syndrome, severe multiple sclerosis or quadriplegia the opportunity to interact with the wider world through wearable technology like Google Glass