Palm's new Treo 680 smartphone has arrived in Europe, replacing the Treo 650 which was removed from European sale because it breached hazardous substances regulations.

The Treo 680 uses the Palm operating system and was launched in the US last week. It is now available in the UK from sites like Expansys for £284, or subsidised with an O2 or Vodafone contract.

Previously, the only Treo to hit the UK since the EU banned the Treo 650, was the Windows-based 750v.

The Treo 680 uses GSM and EDGE, and has the usual QWERTY keyboard and 320 x 320 pixel touchscreen display. Like the 850v, it does away with the antenna sticking out of the top of the unit, but has improved radio sensitivity, which Palm says will gives better phone performance. It also has an SD/MMC/SDIO-compatible expansion card interface and Bluetooth 1.2 support for headsets and other peripherals.

As Palm's bid to go more consumer-centric, it's available in different colours, including graphite, arctic, copper and crimson.

Original reporting by IDG News Service.