Amazon Kindle Fire tablets will receive an over-the-air update in less than two weeks, a spokesman has told The New York Times.

Few details were offered, but the Times said the improvements will affect overall performance and multitouch capabilities. Also, users will be able to edit a list of recent actions, including websites visited, the newspaper said.

Amazon did not respond when asked to confirm or elaborate on the update. Last monthy, Amazon issued an update to Kindle Fire with version 6.2, which it said "provides improvements to the operation of your Kindle Fire."

That update could be handled over the Fire's Wi-Fi connections.

Amazon is also expected to launch an upgraded version of the Kindle Fire, "probably" as early as next spring, the Times said, although Apple and many manufacturers usually wait about 12 months to release a new generation of a device.

The Times quoted usability expert Jacob Nielsen saying the Kindle Fire "offers a disappointingly poor user experience" noting that many websites don't look good on the Kindle Fire's 7in screen, but look much better on a 10in screen. (The iPad has a 9.7in screen.)

"Using designs intended for a full screen on a 7in tablet is like squeezing a size-10 person into a size-7 suit," Nielsen said. "Not going to look good."

Many reviewers and early adopters of the Fire have founds other faults, but have lauded the device's $199 price, making it among the lowest tablets on the market.

Analysts, including Forrester Research, have predicted that three to five million Kindle Fires will be sold by year's end.