Orange has added two new Windows Mobile 5.0 products to its business phones line.

The SPV C600 smart phone and the SPV M3000 PDA both operate on Orange's EDGE networks, delivering up to 247Kbit/s, and allow you to synch e-mail with Microsoft Outlook. The SPV M3000 also includes Wi-Fi, a camera and a camcorder.

In September, Orange launched the SPV M5000, its first Windows Mobile 5.0 device and the first in its Signature line of devices aimed at business users. Orange said the SPV M5000 could be used by some customers as a laptop replacement. The devices launched today are supposed to fit the needs of smartphone and PDA users.

Unlike the SPV M5000, the devices announced today don't operate on Orange's 3G network but instead use EDGE, a slower data network technology. In the short term, that may allow Orange to sell the devices to a wider audience. "EDGE tends to be deployed in areas where 3G is not deployed," said Rachel Lashford, an analyst with Canalys.

The SPV C600 costs €250 and is designed for a business to deploy it across an entire workforce, according to Orange. The SPV M3000 costs €350.