Oracle's latest database management system, 11g, is now available for Linux.

Oracle Database 11g, the successor to 10g, was unveiled a month ago and is billed as having numerous upgrades to improve uptime and energy efficiency. Oracle has not yet said when 11g will be available for Windows.

Oracle said pricing will remain the same. The list price for the enterprise edition starts at $40,000 per processor, and $8,800 for updates and support.

11g has four new features that cost extra. Real Application Testing, which lets customers quickly test and manage changes to their IT systems, costs $10,000 per processor or $200 per user. The same pricing applies to Advanced Compression, which makes data three times smaller.

Total Recall, a query tool that makes it easier to track data changes, auditing and compliance, costs $5,000 per processor or $100 per user. The same pricing applies to a feature called Active Data Guard, which lets customers use standby databases for reporting, backup, testing and rolling upgrades to production databases.

The new features will help "customers tackle the demands of rapid data growth, changing environments, and the need to deliver higher quality of services while reducing and controlling IT costs," Oracle says.

A free evaluation version of Oracle Database 11g for Linux can be downloaded here.