Oracle is warning customers to apply software patches it released in August, following the release of malicious code that exploits the holes.

The company acknowledged in a recent security alert that it has received notification that there are published exploits for "some of the issues" addressed in the alert. It did not provide information about the exploits however and has not responded to requests.

The holes affect a number of Oracle products, including versions of its 8i, 9i and 10g Database, Application Server and Enterprise Manager software, according to a bulletin [pdf] posted by Oracle on 31 August, that included a patch for the vulnerabilities.

The exposure for vulnerabilities in Oracle's Database Server and Application Server was described as "high" because attackers could take advantage of the flaws with network access, but without a valid user account and password. The hole in Enterprise Manager was rated a "medium" risk, because attackers would need both access to the network running the Enterprise Manager and a valid operating system user account on the machine running Enterprise Manager, Oracle said.

In September, the US government's Computer Emergency Response Team issued an alert about the flaws, noting that they could be used to shut down or take control of vulnerable systems running the software or to corrupt or steal data from the Oracle databases.

Oracle strongly recommends affected customers apply the software patches "without delay".