Oracle is looking to develop an enterprise social-networking suit offering a range of features. The Oracle Social Suite, which has  not been formally announced by Oracle, will offer features ranging from Movable Type as a front end; bookmarking; and tagging,  to more conceptual ideas, like Oracle Social Graph, to provide a visual map of the connections between users and content.

The suite also includes OpenSocial Container, which enables users to plug in applets that meet Google's OpenSocial standard.

An architectural rendering of the suite depicts it as a layer that sits on top of Oracle's database, middleware and search technologies, culminating in a top layer of "social-enabled" enterprise applications.

Oracle has already moved in this direction through its Social CRM applications, but the company is apparently hoping to make social technologies more pervasive. The suite may have the most appeal for Oracle-centric shops, since it is built on top of many Oracle products.

Social Suite will also have to find a comfortable role alongside technologies like Beehive, Oracle's secure messaging and collaboration platform.

An Oracle spokeswoman could not immediately provide additional comment.