Oracle is to extend its system management software to offer monitoring and management for SAP applications through a partnership with Nimsoft.

The company also launched Release 3 of Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g and plug-ins that enable it to manage third-party software.

Oracle and Nimsoft are working jointly to integrate the NimBUS SAP R/3 plug-in with Oracle Enterprise Manager 10G so that customers can monitor and manage SAP applications. The plug-in should be available in the second quarter of 2007, according to Nimsoft.

Oracle also added Enterprise Manager 10G performance monitoring plug-ins for BMC Remedy Service Desk and IBM WebSphere MQ versions 5.3 and 6.0.

All of this is part of Oracle's plan to focus on making enterprise management one of its core offerings not just for Oracle software, but across products from multiple vendors, said Oracle president Charles Phillips.

"We've undersold this product," he said of Oracle's system management suite. Phillips acknowledged that in the past, Oracle Enterprise Manager 10G has primarily been useful for managing Oracle software and has been sold along with more popular products such as its database.

However, now that it can support more third-party products, such as JBoss Application Server and IBM WebSphere Application Server, along with those launched yesterday, it is a more viable option to compete with rivals such as IBM's Tivoli suite and Hewlett-Packard's OpenView suite.

"We were narrowly focused in the past," Phillips said. "Now we have become more complete and more open."
To promote this new attitude, Oracle now has a dedicated sales force paid to sell only Enterprise Manager 10g. The company is also training its database and application-server salespeople so that they can push the product, he said.

Senior vice-president Richard Sarwal pointed to Oracle's expertise across multiple infrastructure products, such as databases, application servers, and business applications, as a strength the company has to offer comprehensive systems management. "We have a unique view of how to manage all of that stack," he said.

In addition to its new plug-ins, Oracle Enterprise Manager 10G Release 3 also includes enhanced provisioning capabilities across Oracle's various applications and the ability to bring to the surface business metrics from Oracle applications to perform business diagnostics, Sarwal said.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10G Release 3 is available on Linux and Windows. Business customers can evaluate the product for free by downloading it from Oracle's website. The new plug-ins also are available now for use only with Release 3.