OpenLogic has added AJAX support to its library of open-source software as part of its OpenLogic Enterprise 4.6 release.

The Certified Library in Enterprise 4.6 is a repository of open-source packages that are supported by OpenLogic, the company said.

With release 4.6, the number of open-source packages supported increases to 300 from 270. Additions include the AJAX projects Dojo, Google Web Toolkit, and Icefaces. Other projects added are MySQL 5.0.37 and Apache HTTP Server 2.2.2.

"[Software packages in Enterprise] are provided as a library to enterprises that want to use certified open source from a trusted source, and we provide support, indemnification, and updates," to everything in the library, said Kim Weins, senior vice president of marketing and products at OpenLogic.

"As open source is spread, companies see the value of using open source, but they need a way to manage it and reduce the risk," she said.

AJAX technologies are being added because of enterprise interest, she said.

With the new release, OpenLogic also streamlined the installation experience so that users can be up and running in less than 30 minutes. Users also can pick and choose which open-source packages they want to install instead of having to install the entire library.

OpenLogic sells subscriptions to Enterprise and technical support.

With Enterprise 4.6, OpenLogic is making the right choices in what to add, said analyst Jay Lyman of The 451 Group. But the company faces the challenge of reaching more enterprises, he said.

"To me, their challenge is to transform from a high number of customers who are developers and transition to customers that are larger enterprises who are open source users," Lyman said.

The company, Lyman said, also faces growing competition from such companies as dbaDirect, which provides data management infrastructure services. But OpenLogic still offers a larger breadth of open-source offerings, he said.

The company will make its OpenLogic Discovery tool, a free, downloadable product that scans a user's systems to see what open source software has been installed, available next week. "The first thing companies want to do is gain an inventory of what open source has been installed in their organisation," Weins said.

OpenLogic also plans to offer free inventory analysis for as many as 500 machines at user site and provide a report on what is on the systems. This will be a hosted service.