Microsoft’s Bill Gates was, once again, dubbed the world’s wealthiest individual and Oracle’s Larry Ellison coming in at number 5 in the list. It wasn’t just software that produced fabulous wealth. Mexico telecoms magnate Carlos Slim made second spot to Gates.

Whether Facebook still qualifies as a startup may be a moot point, but founder Mark Zuckerberg, at 30 years of age grabs the no.16 spot with Forbes estimated wealth of $33.4 billion, one spot below Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Both are ahead of Google founders Larry Page ($29.7 billion, nineteenth) and Sergey Brin ($29.2 billion, twentieth).

Tech - a fast track to unimaginable wealth? Image: iStock/spx Chrome
Tech - a fast track to unimaginable wealth? Image: iStock/spx Chrome

Uber may not be the youngest, but it is certainly one of the noisiest startups, and its founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp are new arrivals in the Forbes annual ranking of the world’s billionaires, with a net worth each of $5.3bn. Not “uber alles” at position number 283, but not bad. Ryan Graves, who five years ago reputedly replied “hire me :)” to a tweet about a job with an unknown startup, is now worth $1.4bn.

The youngest billionaire on the Forbes  list is Evan Spiegel, the co-founder of Snapchat--though with a paltry $1.5 billion, he's only the 1,250th richest person on the planet.

Of course, some of this wealth remains highly notional – stock values which, as they say, can down as well as up…

Just for the record, here are the Forbes 10 richest people in tech.

1.Bill Gates
Net worth: $79.2 billion
Company: Microsoft
Age: 59

2.Larry Ellison
Net worth: $54.3 billion
Age: 70
Company: Oracle

3.Jeff Bezos
Net worth: Jeff Bezos
Company: Amazon
Age: 51  

4. Mark Zuckerberg
Company: Facebook
Net worth: $33.4 billion
Age: 30

5. Larry Page
Net worth: $29.7 billion
Company: Google
Age: 41

6. Sergey Brin
Net worth: $29.2 billion
Company: Google
Age: 41

7.  Jack Ma
Company: Alibaba
Net worth: $$22.7 billion
Age: 50

8. Steve Ballmer
Net worth: Steve Ballmer
Company: Microsoft
Age: 58

9. Michael Dell
Net worth: $19.2 billion
Company: Dell
Age: 50

10. Azim Premji
Net worth: $19.1 billion
Company: Wipro
Age: 69