Mobile operator O2 is touting the benefits of flexible working with a PR stunt in London today, whereby a local small business worker and his desk have been suspended above Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch.

O2 claims that with the right tools, technologies and devices, you can work anywhere. The worker – Casper – was reportedly able to go about his daily business as usual, from industry research and presentation writing, to speaking to clients on the phone.

“He’s as connected up there as you are in your office. He can access his files and folders and stay in touch with colleagues and customers,” said O2. “It’s business as usual, even though his hub for the morning is anything but usual.”

Flexible working is something that the government has been pushing with its “Anywhere Working” initiative – especially as a way to ease travel congestion during the Olympics. O2 claims that its own Joined Up People service helps businesses increase productivity, work collaboratively, reduce costs and be more competitive.

However, others have warned that the barriers are not technological but cultural. Managers like to keep an eye on what their staff are up to, and a face-to-face meeting is still regarded as preferable to a teleconference.

A video of the stunt is available to view on the O2 website.