O2 has announced its data plans for Apple's iPad device, with O2 Micro-SIMs available for pre-order along with the Apple iPad device.

O2, the second UK mobile provider to detail its tariffs after Orange, will not offer a pay per meg deal. Instead O2's iPad data plan will focus on daily and monthly tarrifs. Like O2 it offers 500MB and unlimited WiFi for £2 per day (the WiFi provision includes access to O2's The Cloud and BT's Openzone wi-fi hotspots).

O2 also offers 1GB plus unlimited WiFi for £10 per month and 3GB plus unlimited WiFi for £15 per month.

On the O2 website, the company states "If you find that you're surfing a bit more than expected and need more data, you can always top up 500MB extra. And if you have a recurring tariff, you can top up with 1GB or 3GB." So it looks like there'll be no massive penalty for going over your data tarrif with O2.

The company also point out that if you don't use all your data, it doesn't roll over. And at any time you can only have a maximum of 5GB on your account.

This compares favourably with Orange's £15 for 3GB service, but it's less than the £25 for 10GB. Unlike Orange, O2 is not offering a weekly tariff.