O2, Apple's original mobile partner in the UK, is to overhaul its iPhone tariffs. Mobile News reports O2 will launch a two-year Apple iPhone tariff for £25 per month. The tariff will include 100 minutes and unlimited texts.

According to Mobile News, Apple's smartphone is also expected to be made available with O2's Simplicity SIM-only tariffs for the first time, with the iPhone available at full price. Free 'unlimited' bolt-on deals, available to high-value customers, will controversially be dropped, which may put O2 at a disadvantage with rivals Orange and Vodafone.

The website notes O2 has also removed inclusive picture messaging as part of its text bundles, as well as international texting. The company will now charge customers 10p per minute to call their voicemail if outside of their minute bundle.

In a separate report, Mobile News reports O2 added over one million contract customers in the UK last year, bringing its total customer base to 21.3 million. O2 added 338,455 customers in the final quarter of 2009 with 235,486 being contract subscribers, a 5.6 per cent increase year-on-year. Telefonica Europe chairman and chief executive Matthew Key noted a focus on smartphones, increased commercial activity and reduction in customer churn helped drive growth in 2009.

O2 has made the following information available:

Tariffs for iPhone and all Smartphone customers

Customers who already have an iPhone or are just happy with their existing Smartphone can choose from a range of sim only tariffs starting at just £15 per month for 300 minutes, unlimited UK texts, data and Wi-Fi on a 12-month sim only contract, or from £20 per month on a 30-day rolling contract.

Those customers who don't ever want to worry about how many minutes or texts or how much data they have used, O2 introduces a set of tariffs offering unlimited UK calls, texts and data from just £45 a month.

iPhone customers who want to use their iPhone as a modem can do so and not pay more than £2 per day with O2's newest Internet Tethering Bolt On.

Tariffs for non-Smartphone customers

Non-Smartphone customers who are happy to keep their current phone can choose from a range of sim only tariffs starting at just £10 for 100 minutes per month with unlimited texts on a 30-day contract.

In addition, O2 has launched a set of tariffs offering unlimited UK calls and texts from just £40 a month.

"Customers' habits are changing, with more texts being sent and data being used than ever before. We have listened to our customers and introduced a range of new tariffs with unlimited calls, texts and data offering real value for money. We have also introduced a new £2 per day Internet Tethering Bolt On as we know our iPhone customers want to snack when they are using their iPhone as a modem. We have always been the home for texts and now want to extend that to being home for data." said Sally Cowdry, O2 Marketing Director.

Mobile Broadband

O2 today launches new mobile broadband tariffs, designed for ease of use.

Customers can now choose a 1GB per month tariff with unlimited Wi-Fi on either a 30-day contract or an 18-month contract.

This is in addition to O2's existing 3GB with unlimited Wi-Fi tariff for £15 per month. In addition, customers signing up to any 18-month 3GB mobile broadband tariff will receive their first 3 months free.

Our excessive usage policy and standard terms apply for all these offers, see o2.co.uk for details.