UK mobile operator O2 has launched a £10 a month 4G tariff for public sector organisations, charities and non-profits.

The tariff, named No.10, presumably after the price of the contract and the link with the address of the Prime Minister’s residence, comes with unlimited calls and texts, up to 5GB of data and flexibility on the number of connections under contract.

Those wishing to sign up to the tariff must be willing to use either the Nokia Lumia 635 or Samsung Galaxy S3 handset.

No.10 is available exclusively to public and third sector organisations (charities and non-profit) under Lot 6 of the PSN Services Framework as a direct service, which means public sector workers can take advantage regardless of their department or organisation.  

The launch of No.10 comes after O2 became the first mobile network provider to be awarded the government’s CAS-T certification, which recognises its status as a secure and approved for public sector use network.

“We recognise the increasing pressure on the public and third sectors to save money and increase productivity, and the No.10 proposition has been built to respond to these exact two things,” said Bill D’Arcy, managing director of public sector business at O2.

“By giving public sector workers access to the latest digital technology, we can ensure that citizens are being served by the government in the best possible way.”

The announcement comes nearly a year after O2 activated its 4G network in the UK.