Nvidia is doubling the bandwidth speeds of its graphics boards with a range of new products out later this month.

The boards include add a fast new memory technology, GDDR3, to deliver double the data rates of existing boards. Available mid-March from Asustek and Gigabyte, they will include the GeForce FX 5700 Ultra chip with128MB of GDDR3 - standing for Graphics Double Data Rate 3.

GDDR3 is a large step forward in memory technology. Chips based on the standard can run at speeds up to 800MHz, and deliver data rates of up to 1.6Gbit/s, according to Samsung, the company providing the memory for Nvidia's boards.

The faster speeds are achieved by cleaning up data signals as they flow through the memory chip. GDDR3 designers used on-die termination to absorb reflected noise caused by the movement of the data signal through a chip.

The new chips also use a dynamic controller at the output driver managing the flow of data between the memory and the chipset. This controller examines signals as they leave the memory chips and adjusts those signals to maximize signal quality.

Memory technologies for PCs are expected to evolve this year with initial moves toward DDR2 system memory. DDR3 memory for systems is not expected to reach the market until 2006, said Dean McCarron, principal analyst at Mercury Research.