Nuxeo has unveiled version 5.1 of its open source ECM (enterprise content management) platform, which it says is suited for large-scale enterprises investing in SOA (service-oriented architecture).

ECM is the software technology that enables organisations to globally manage their documents and business processes. Nuxeo says the new version of its ECM platform focuses on SOA, as well scalability and support, to meet the needs of large-scale enterprise organisations.

Specifically, it now offers “enterprise-grade” functional and technical support, certified software patches and updates, and management tools that are available during every stage of the application lifecycle.

Nuxeo is French and the Paris-based company has been around since 2001. It has enjoyed “greater than 50 percent annual growth” and its client base seems to be mostly European (French), with customers in the energy, media, utilities, finance and government sectors. Rivals include British-based Alfresco, or the American SpikeSource.

As Nuxeo is an open source company, its software is free to license, but it does sell subscriptions and professional services associated with the product. The subscription-model is based around deployments, not numbers of users.

The software itself is based on an extensible service-oriented architecture known as the Nuxeo Service Platform, which is “designed specifically for ECM.”

Nuxeo claims the platform is completely extensible because it is built entirely on an infrastructure of plug-ins and extension points based on the OSGi standard. Developers and integrators can easily create custom configurations and extensions by simply creating a set of plug-ins to adapt the platform without having to touch the platform code said the company.

Application developers can therefore access tasks such as storage, indexing, search, security, workflow, and archiving by embedding the platform core in their Java applications or through distributed technologies typically found within an SOA development such as Java EE remoting, or SOAP and REST web services.

“Integrators benefit from being able to deliver ECM projects much more quickly and easily, and software developers can use our technologies freely in their applications due to our business-friendly open source licensing,” said Stefane Fermigier, CEO of Nuxeo.

The new version (5.1) comes with an advanced search service based on the NXQL query language, which is SQL-based, and a flexible configuration system. Scalability has also been enhanced, and the data import/export service is designed to facilitate migration from legacy systems and to ensure that users will “never be held hostage by their technology providers.”