Novell is expected to release a Linux version of its iFolder data protection software by the end of this month.

Novell iFolder 3.0 is the first version Novell’s online data protection package to run on the Linux kernel of Novell’s Open Enterprise Server. Like the NetWare version of iFolder, version 3.0 gives users access to their files whenever and wherever they need them and it lets users share those files with other users. It addition, because any changes to files are also saved to an iFolder server, users can recover them in the event of data loss.

The software includes two new features – multiple iFolders and multi-user shared folders. Having multiple iFolders allow users to designate any directory on a computer as an iFolder, which then synchronises to the server. Users with multiple computers can then selectively synchronize these folders with the server.

Shared iFolders allows users to share their iFolders with other network users. Changes to files are synchronised both to the iFolder server and to the user’s computers that are shared.

Novell iFolder 3.0 is in beta test and interested users can sign up now. iFolder 3.0 is free to all Open Enterprise Server users who have maintenance contracts.