Novell has expanded its ZENworks systems management product with the release of ZENworks Asset Management.

Asset Management ties in technology from its acquisition of Tally Systems and allows sysadmins to check licences by listing the software installed on a given network.

The software lists and manages software licences and reports on software usage. It consists of a Web console and a ZENworks Asset Management Manager Console. A central SQL server or Oracle database stores the collected inventory and usage information and then compares inventory with purchase and licence records. As well as keeping up-to-date with licences, the system may also prevent the IT department from overbuying software applications.

ZENworks Asset Management, a Web-based tool, discovers software on servers, desktops, laptops and network equipment. It will be included in the upcoming release of ZENworks 7 Desktop Management, ZENworks 7 Server Management and the ZENworks 7 Suite.

Or it can be purchased as an add-on to ZENworks or as a standalone product for $33 per device surveyed. It is available now.