Nokia to add WiMax to its N800 Internet tablet next year, using Intel's silicon, making this Europe's first WiMax-enabled handset.

"It's going to be very important to have your personal broadband with you," said Markku Hollstrom, head of broadband wireless product management at Nokia Siemens Networks, speaking at a London event for Pipex' WiMax division, which is now known as Freedom4.

The device will be one of the very first WiMax handsets - and certainly the first in Europe. Samsung has shown its M8000 WiMax handset last year, and plans to deliver it this year, at least in Korea with the Korean wireless standard, WiBro.

The Nokia device is a feather in Intel's cap, as the chipmaker hasn't been that successful in mobile devices, selling its cellular silicon division to Marvell last year. For its main processor, the N800 uses ARM, something Intel would no doubt like to change.

The WiMax enabled N800 will also have GPS, and will be designed for the mobile WiMax services, which operators hope will become widespread during 2008.

ARM is hoping for big things from Linux-based Internet tablets - it has formed a group of vendors including Mozilla, MontaVista and ARM in an alliance to make an open-source platform that will allow other vendors besides Novell to make similar devices. The group also includes Samsung and Marvell.