Nokia has released a Linux-based Internet Tablet, the Nokia 770.

The device comes with an integrated Wi-Fi chip, runs an operating system called Internet Tablet 2005, based on Linux, and incorporates several open-source applications.

The 770 is a bit of a departure for Nokia. It is much smaller than Tablet PCs that use Windows XP Tablet, but like those devices it is designed to be used with a stylus and comes with handwriting recognition software. Tablet PCs are generally as large as notebook PCs and are used resting on one arm, but the 770 is more of a handheld device, measuring 141 mm by 79 mm by 19 mm. It weighs 230 grams.

Nokia designed the 770 as a mobile entertainment device, with a four-inch display. It has 128MB of flash memory, 64MB of which is free for user storage. It comes with 64MB of DDR RAM and a 64MB RS-MMC expansion media card. RS-MMC cards as large as 1GB are available from third-party vendors.

By next year, Nokia will release an upgraded version of the Internet Tablet operating system that supports VoIP and instant-messaging.

Nokia is now available in Europe and in the US from next week.