Graphics processor maker ATI Technologies and handset maker Nokia have teamed up in a bid to push multimedia on phones.

ATI, a designer of graphics and digital-media processors for game consoles, computers and handheld devices, plans to offer a software development kit for mobile multimedia developers later this year. The two companies will show the new environment to developers at workshops, promoting standards that will make multimedia services such as 3D gaming easier to develop.

"We want to make sure that with the Nseries devices we're pushing the multimedia experience," said Damian Stathonikos, a spokesperson for Nokia. Nokia recently introduced new additions to the Nseries line of phones, highlighting multimedia capabilities such as video capture on some of the devices.

Nokia doesn't actually use ATI processors in its phones at the moment, preferring chips from Texas Instruments among others. Stathonikos would not say if Nokia planned to use ATI chips in future, and added that the companies' joint environment would create products and capabilities for a variety of phones, not just those with ATI chips.

The two companies want to let developers create content that can be accessed from a variety of devices without requiring developers to tweak it for each device. Despite many historic efforts across the industry, developers still have to change their products to suit different handsets.

Even while focusing on products that will appeal to emerging markets, Nokia is also increasingly emphasising its multimedia devices. In the first quarter this year, the Nokia N70 multimedia phone was the highest revenue generator for Nokia, the world's largest handset maker said.