Mobile workers will be able to access some Oracle apps through two of Nokia's latest phones, the companies have announced.

The E61 and E62 phones can access Oracle's Mobile Field Service work schedules and job information while out of the office. They can also view, edit and create entries within Oracle's Siebel Wireless applications for sales, service and partner relationship management.

The two phones are part of Nokia's new business line of phones, with the E61 looking similar to the popular BlackBerry. Both are out now.

Earlier this year, Nokia introduced access to some Oracle applications on a few other smartphones including the Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500 Communicator.

While a wide range of companies offer services and software that can push corporate email out to mobiles, those developers are increasingly focused on adding wireless remote access. BlackBerry users, for instance, can access a variety of enterprise applications. IAnywhere Solutions is one developer of a software platform that enterprises can use to mobilise corporate applications.

Nokia continues to push its enterprise solutions group despite several quarters of losses from the division. Most recently however, the phone manufacturer announced a 60 percent increase in E-series phone sales. Nokia said it expects those sales to continue in the coming months.