BI vendor MicroStrategy has launched Integrity Manager, a new product that tests the accuracy of BI applications by validating data and report integrity when changes are made.

In the enterprise, most BI systems are composed of many technologies ranging from operational applications, ETL tools, databases, BI tools, and server operating systems. These technologies can be managed by different people including DBAs, ETL engineers, BI architects, BI administrators, BI developers, and system administrators.

But this also means that if any of these people make a change, however minor, it can unfortunately cause an inadvertent error to be introduced in a report. MicroStrategy claims that with its Integrity Manager, “data inconsistencies can be captured early in the development cycle, saving time in report testing, end user support, and issue resolution.”

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager runs on both Windows and Unix. It automates the report comparison process and verifies the consistency of reports as changes are made to the BI environment. It can automatically detect, compare, and present inconsistencies in reports caused by changes in the BI ecosystem.

This can be important as companies typically monitor the integrity of their BI data through manual data validation procedures, and often do not have sufficient resources to detect unexpected changes.

Integrity Manager can do before-and-after report comparisons to tell an administrator the impact of the change, warning if there are differences in the data values, if the SQL generated is different, or if the output format is affected for example.

It can be used to test for changes between one version of a data warehouse and another, and it can identify any changes to your BI ecosystem such as data warehouse load routines and ETL processes, metadata object promotions from development to test to production systems, MicroStrategy software version upgrades, 64-bit operating system upgrades, and database version or platform changes.

MicroStrategy warns that as Integrity Manager is a report comparison tool, designed to compare for differences from one environment to another, it should not be used for either stress testing or concurrency testing.

“MicroStrategy Integrity Manager reflects the company’s product strategy of providing industrial-strength business intelligence suitable for the entire enterprise,” said COO Sanju Bansal.

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is available as part of MicroStrategy 8 Release 11 onwards, or can be purchased separately. Pricing is not available.