There have been 10 applications for new top-level domain names, the Internet overseeing body, ICANN, has announced.

However, among the non-controversial ".asia" (we already have .us and .eu is on its way), the useful and commercial ".travel" and ".jobs", the interesting ".mail", and the familiar ".xxx", comes the battle for a new domain for mobile devices - as we previewed a fortnight ago.

The joint consortium, featuring among others Nokia, Vodafone and Microsoft and under the working name "Mobi JV" has plumbed for ".mobi", whereas Telname, based in the UK (who we spoke to last week), and, in the US, have both put forward proposals for ".tel". is owned and run by enterpreneur Jeff Pulver, who describes himself as a "true pioneer" of Internet telephony. He was certainly ahead of his time - he applied for ".tel" in 2000, but was dismissed in favour of the other domains chosen that year.

The domain applications come in response to a request for proposals ICANN made last December and are now up for review in May by an independent evaluation panel. A public comment period runs through April.

The group has argued previously that sponsored TLDs are easier to implement than generic ones. With the specialised, sponsored TLDs, the sponsor carries out some of the policy-formation responsibilities, ICANN claims.

After evaluation by the independent panel, qualifying sTLD applicants will be eligible to enter technical and commercial negotiations with ICANN. The group did not say how many new sTLDs it plans to adopt. Existing sTLDs include .aero for the aerospace industry and .museum.