A new version of Gnome (GNU Network Object Model Environment) desktop interfaces is now available for download.

Gnome 2.8.2 Desktop and Developer Platform, includes a number of improvements, including: a new file manager that allows different apps to work together more smoothly; support of DNS-based Service Discovery; and the ability to automatically recognise removable storage devices.

The network monitor has been improved to support wireless interfaces, and now can display signal strength. The battery monitor also has been enhanced to estimate remaining battery capacity.

It also includes Evolution 2.0, an integrated e-mail and groupware client. Evolution supports traditional e-mail setups, as well as Novell Groupwise and Microsoft Exchange. Its own Epiphany browser, based on Mozilla, includes several enhancements as well: more flexible bookmark toolbars; a new bookmark dialog; and pop-up blocking.

It is available at: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-announce-list/2004-December/msg00024.html. A test version of Gnome 2.9 is also available.