Mega International has announced a number of product announcements to strengthen its position in the enterprise architecture (EA), business process modelling (BPM), and risk management sectors.

Paris-based Mega has been around since 1991 and is an active contributing member to the Object Management Group. The enterprise architecture provider boasts over 2,000 customers and 45,000 licences worldwide.

It has launched a brand new product, namely Mega Advisor, an on-demand reporting application for EA and BPM. The company claimed it was the first product that adapted to the viewer’s individual perspective or role. Designed for users who do not perform modelling activities, Mega Advisor is web-based application that enables repository information sharing across a company. An intelligent agent filters through the vast amount of data in a repository to present information via a Web portal that is “accessible and user-friendly.”

The second product announcement concerns a new version of its modelling suite. Besides Mega Advisor, the new version of Mega Modeling Suite includes dynamically-generated, multi-dimensional analysis reporting on topics such as SOA, application architecture, and road mapping, all of which “should improve business intelligence”. Other new features include confidentiality management tools, service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration, a document wizard, and more efficient diagram editing.

The third and final product announcement concerns the addition of new interfaces, after IBM WebSphere, Software AG CentraSite, and Systar BusinessBridge interfaces were integrated into the Mega modelling software.

“Public and private sector organisations are continually seeking new and better ways to become more efficient and competitive,” said Ludovic Relandeau, MD of Mega’s UK business. “Enterprise architecture modelling and business process analysis and management offer a new and profound way to understand and decide how to achieve business objectives.”