Group-management vendor Imanami has launched GroupID 5, a tool for managing distribution and security for groups in Windows, and said the software would be released later this year.

The new tool, which is expected to be available this autumn, helps users manage the inevitable explosion of group memberships created within Active Directory, although it will also will support Exchange 2007.

GroupID 5 is a merger of Imanami's tools for synchronisation, automation and self-service into a single interface. The software includes four distinct tools: Automate lets users automatically create and manage groups; Self-Service puts the responsibility of group management on users while retaining IT oversight; Synchronize ensure the accuracy of data associated with Exchange 2007, and Reports helps keep tabs on group accuracy and changes.

"Compliance is one of the big drivers for us, especially in the financial industry," says Edward Killeen, director of sales and marketing for Imanami. "If there is any type of merger and acquisition activity, or if you need to send something out to every employee who needs to know something, you better know that the distribution list is correct."