The Legoland theme park at Billund in Denmark now has the ultimate attraction - radio controlled kids. The service is actually a very Nordic, serious-minded and responsible use of Wi-Fi based asset tracking to make sure parents don't lose their children at the park. And it is accessed by mobile phone text messages.

Visitors to Legoland can hire a Kidspotter wristband which includes a tag from Bluesoft. If their children stray, the parents text the kidspotter system, and get back a text message which includes the area the child is in, and their exact co-ordinates on the map.

More details of the system are in our longer article. However, we notice the Bluesoft tags are small, light and robust. They have a battery life of up to five years, long enough to catch even the most determined runaway. They can even survive immersion in water, which may not be true of the children.

But what about the obvious problem - what if the child takes off the armband? This could possibly be solved by features of the OEM versions of the tag. As well as straps, they can be attached with double-side tape or screws.

Unfortunately, the Legoland service is not instantly popular with Techworld children, and is unlikely to get a Techworld review in the near future. "No way are we going there," said a child in the Judge house. "You'll be trying to lose us all day, so you can play with the system."