There is a new entrant to the web conferencing market - Netviewer with its "one2meet" client.

Netviewer launched the product today at Cebit and is the company's first serious foray into the web conferencing space. A previous product lacked functionality, a spokeswoman said.

Netviewer One2meet is a 300KB executable file. It does not make any changes to the system registry or install any DLL files, leaving the PC configuration untouched, according to the company. By comparison, the WebEx web conferencing client is a 4.4MB file.

Customers requested a small, easy to install, yet full-featured client, Netviewer execs explained. The Web conferencing features are similar to those offered by others in the market and include application sharing, a white board and chat.

The host application also has a special feature called a "back monitor" that shows what participants are seeing, Netviewer said. This feature, in addition with a "freeze" function can prevent the unwanted sharing of screens and information, the company said.

One2meet is available in English and German and will soon be available in Spanish, French and Dutch, the company said. The software and Web conferencing service costs 4,990 euros (£3,470) for up to 10 concurrent online meetings and €6,990 (£4,860) for up to 25 concurrent meetings. Maintenance costs 15 percent of the list licence price a year, but there is no usage fee, the company said.