Netspoke has bought streaming media technology from e-StudioLive for an undisclosed sum in an effort to push its way further into the conferencing market.

Netspoke, which offers audio, Web and video conferencing services and competes with WebEx and Genesys bought the software technology, but no physical or personnel assets from the company, said Scott D'Entremont, CEO of Netspoke.

"With this acquisition, Netspoke now offers customers the ability to create, archive and present professional-looking streaming video events, whenever they want, as often as they like, without relying on expensive and time-consuming outside services," the company said.

E-StudioLive began life offering a hardware-based appliance for capturing and creating streaming media presentation that included audio, video and slides. The company was in the process of developing a software-only application but never released it.

Netspoke hopes to integrate the streaming creation and management technology into its existing service early next year. It will be offered as a hosted model and not something a customer installs locally.

"Big enterprises have different [rich media] needs ranging from small groups of four to five people working on a document to a CEO town meeting," D'Entremont said. "That one-to-many meeting is the application for the e-StudioLive software."

All of Netspoke's current products are for real-time communications. "This offers a nice option for people to have dynamic content on their websites, like a streaming message from a CEO, things like that," he says.

One thing Netspoke will not be is a streaming media provider competing with the likes of Akamai, Mirror Image or Speedera. "This is software that will help create and manage the content for the enterprise," D'Entremont said. "We play in the information, not the infrastructure - just like we don't supply dial tone. We're an enhanced service that sits on the network."