Netgear has produced what it claims is the first wireless router that can reach Ethernet speeds.

Maximum theoretical performance for the RangeMax 240 is 240Mbit/s and requires a device to be close to the router with performance degrading with distance. Nevertheless, the RangeMax 240 will easily outperform 100Mbit/s wired Ethernet speeds, according to marketing director Vivek Pathela.

"In a 5,000 sq ft home, throughput will still be five times more than standard IEEE 802.11g," Pathela said (54Mbit/s). The RangeMax 240 uses a MIMO chipset developed by Airgo and works by using multiple antennas and radios to improve speed and range.

The RangeMax 240 will ship this month and is priced at $199 for the router and $129 for the client cardbus.