Absolute Software has extended its Computrace remote tracking system to include netbooks, plugging another security gap that has held back uptake of the machines by some businesses.

Computrace has been available for laptops for some time and smartphones were added to the list if supported devices a year ago, but it has taken until now to embed the necessary firmware in selected netbooks in order to offer full support.

The list of supported netbook makes included, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, General Dynamics Itronix, HP, Lenovo, Motion, Panasonic and Toshiba, the company said. A full list if supported hardware is available on the company website .

The Computrace for Netbooks - ‘LoJack' - tracking system is mainly used to enable machine recovery in the event of theft or accidental loss. The embedded agent automatically informs the tracking centre of any changes to the netbook in terms of its pre-defined location and can generate reports on changes to its hardware configuration.

However, there are some features of the laptop Computrace system that can't be used on the netbook incarnation, such as remote data deletion and full geo-location tracking. The company also said the length of time its staff would spend trying to recover a netbook would be more restricted.

"In today's economic environment, organisations need this to be delivered as a simple, managed service. Computrace for Netbooks extends this value to customers who have been first to include netbooks in their mobile device population," said Absolute Software's CEO, John Livingston in upbeat mode.

The company claims that the embedded tracking agent can survive system reinstallations, hard drive wipes, and even hard disk replacement, defeating attempts by thieves to strip the system for re-sale. Computrace for netbooks costs $24.99 per machine for a 1-year license.

UK pricing is £23 per year, £35 for two years, or £46 for three years, through either Dell or HP.