MySQL has updated its open-source database upgrade to MySQL 5.0.

The new release adds several features that have long been standard in databases from MySQL's bigger rivals, including triggers, views and stored procedures. The company is billing it as its biggest upgrade ever. Pricing remains unchanged from the previous version.

The company offers two types of licenses: customers can download the software for free under the open-source General Public License, or they can pay for a commercial license. The second option is mostly for third-party vendors, such as ISVs that want to resell MySQL with their products.

MySQL also offers support services which range in price from €245 (£165) per server per year to €3,995 (£2,700) per server per year, depending on the level of support.

More than 30 enterprise software and database tools vendors have said they will certify their products for the new release, including Business Objects, Novell, Informatica and SAP.

The database upgrade is available now for Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IBM AIX 5L and other operating systems.