Mozilla has launched an application that allows users to speed up Firefox customisation by offering several sets of pre-selected add-ons.

Dubbed Fashion Your Firefox, the online application provides nine sets of Firefox extensions, each with a catchy label and some descriptive text. "Digital Rat Pack," for example, touts itself as an add-on collection to "keep track of favourite sites, bookmarks and blogs." Other sets range from "News Junkie" and "Finder and Seeker" to "Shutterbug" and "Executive Assistant."

Each set includes between three and eight separate add-ons, which can be installed individually or as a group after checking boxes beside each desired extension. In the News Junkie group, Mozilla offers Forecastfox, which puts weather forecast information in the browser's toolbar or status bar; Wizz RSS News Reader; Morning Coffee, an add-on that automatically opens a user-defined set of sites; and Read It Later, a plug-in that lets users quickly save pages for later reading without having to clutter up Firefox's bookmarks.

"One of the best parts about Firefox is the amazing richness of our 5,000-plus free add-ons," said Mike Shaver, vice president of engineering.

The Fashion Your Firefox application requires Firefox 3.0, and is currently available only in English; support for other languages is "in the works," however according to Mozilla.

Mozilla's add-ons programme manager, David Rolnitzky, blogged that  Mozilla would probably add more collections later, and cited a trio of possibilities: "News Hound," which would focus on news alerts; "Web Monkey," a group of extension specifically for website developers; and "Multi-media," which would concentrate on video-, music- and photo-related add-ons.
Also according to Rolnitzky, Firefox users have downloaded a total of 1 billion add-ons since the browser debuted in 2004.