Motorola has released details of its latest smart phone featuring a Qwerty keyboard, Windows Mobile 5.0, Bluetooth, a one-handed navigation thumbwheel and a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash.

The "Q" phone has a design similar to the popular Razr clamshell phone, but without a hinge, and should be able at the start of next year, said Ron Garriques, Motorola's president of mobile devices.

The company's CEO Ed Zander showed off the Q smart phone at a meeting late yesterday. Soon after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that the sales forces of both companies will market the handset to companies.

Last year, Zander pulled a similar stunt with Apple CEO Steve Jobs when they both announced consumers would be able to download music to Motorola phones via a mobile version of iTunes in the first half of this year. But that service has yet to appear, and Zander tried to reassure analysts by reading a prepared statement.

"We're not going to launch the iTunes phone today, Steve Jobs is not going to jump out of a cake, and we're not going to launch it tomorrow," he read. "... but it's real and it's happening. Stay tuned for iTunes."

Zander also showed off the previously announced Pebl line of phones, coming in the next few months, which have a smooth, rounded clamshell design and can be opened with a tap of the finger, and the Slvr line of slim "candy bar" style phones, due near the end of the year. He