More than 80 percent of UK IT managers have admitted they have no timescale for rolling out version 3 of the ITIL best practice framework. That's even though most of them admit that ITIL provides a competitive edge to their organisations.

Research from training provider ILX Group has found that two-thirds of IT managers planned to adopt ITIL Version 3, but only 17 percent had any set any timescale for doing so. And despite Version 2 being out since May, only one percent of managers planned to implement the new version within the next six months.

Managers claimed that business managers failed to understand the importance of ITIL and that lack of support was slowing down take-up. They also said that there was a lack of training time for staff to get to grips with the new methodology - 57 percent of managers claimed they couldn't allow staff time off to train.

Eddie Kilkelly, operations director at ILX Group, said: "There continues to be a real educational need about ITIL, which is a major factor in UK IT managers’ inability to deliver against the new requirements of Version 3. “With the launch of the new version, ITIL provides businesses of any size with even greater access to world class service management expertise, yet barriers to adoption persist, due to fear of change and unwillingness to commit resources."