NetMotion Wireless has updated its smartphone VPN tool with technology that it claims can handle not only ordinary telephone and data transmissions but real-time applications such as VoIP calls and streaming video.

Mobility XE, designed for Windows smartphone environments, was first introduced in 2005, and now has more than 1,200 corporate users, according to NetMotion.

Version 8.0, launched on Monday, includes packet-loss recovery and compression features that allow it to handle real-time applications over the VPN, the company said.

NetMotion claims the software can maintain call quality with up to 70 percent packet loss, and can maintain a VoIP call initiated on a laptop or smartphone even when users roam between Wi-Fi and wide-area networks.

The software supports traffic-shaping features that give VoIP traffic priority over other applications, maintaining the necessary bandwidth regardless of the type of wireless network in use, NetMotion said.

While wireless video is seen more as a consumer service for the moment, the company sees it having growing importance for law enforcement, sales teams, training videos and emergency or military services.

Mobility XE's packet loss and compression features are intended to improve streaming video quality over multiple wireless networks, the company said.

One limitation of the software is its lack of support for operating systems other than Windows, a significant drawback, according to a Techworld review.