An Ofcom report suggests that sales of mobile broadband dongles hit more than 133,000 in June. The report says sales of the USB 3G broadband modems grew by an average of 18 percent each month from February 2008.

However, Ofcom suggests that the term 'mobile' may be a misnomer. According to communications regulator, around two million people use 'mobile broadband' in the UK, and almost three quarters of those use their dongle to get online at home.

This trend may reflect the fact that younger people often share accommodation and may not wish to share a broadband bill with other people who use the same landline. Indeed, increasing numbers of people eschew a landline altogether.

Also, installing mobile broadband is a cinch, compared to the administration involved in getting a broadband account attached to a landline. There's a cost consideration too: entry-level mobile broadband packages cost as little as £10 ($20) a month, with no installation fee. And mobile broadband is much easier to install than an ADSL setup.

It's clearly working: taking into account mobile phone broadband, there are now 12.5 million subscribers to 3G broadband in the UK.

Indeed, around 10 percent of mobile phone users regularly browse the internet on their handset, according to Ofcom.