Microsoft has revealed its product development roadmap over the coming year for the Microsoft Dynamics GP (MSDYNGP) mid-market accounting and ERP software.

In a blog posting, Microsoft Dynamics GP product manager Pam Misialek, said: "The MSDYNGP development team has now adopted a six-monthly release cycle, designed to enhance our new business proposition and bring incremental value to BREP customers on a much more regular basis."

In 2013, Redmond added releases to the product designed to better support cloud and Office365 working. Misialek said 2014 would see MSDYNGP get new identity management and workflow capabilities in the first half of the year.

Later in the year, in the fourth quarter, she said there would be "another major release", offering "more functionality, more workflow, more apps" and "a service-based architecture that will be the foundation for the further development of Dynamics GP over the next five years".

There are also changes in the channel planned. Misialek said: "The evolution of the Dynamics GP product is only part of the story, our channel is also going through a significant transformation.

"A new SMB team in the US has been created that will be dedicated to Dynamics GP and NAV. This new structure will enable us to work with our partners and ISV's differently to help bring new ways to sell more."