Microsoft has teamed up with a design label and an app builder at this year’s London Fashion Week (LFW) in a bid to create the catwalk of the future.

On the opening day of LFW, in a converted railway arch near Waterloo train station, the US technology giant asked four members of the audience to capture smartphone images of models as they made their way down the catwalk wearing clothes designed by Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman, whose label is simply known as Fyodor Golan. 

The photos were taken on Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 830 device through an augmented reality app that was made by research and design studio 'Kin'. 

The app, made specifically for Windows Phone 8.1, captured imagery from the Lumia 830’s 10 MP camera viewfinder in real time, and within less than a second, ran a script through Nuke (the same CGI software used in Avatar) to project an image onto a four metre pyramid in the middle of the runway.

The app was designed to filter the images taken on the smartphones and blend them with a Fyodor Golan inspired colour palette and Fyodor Golan print imagery.

Microsoft said it collaborated with the designers to "blend the reality of modern shapes, colours and materials of the collection, which itself was inspired by the digital age."

Costas Syrmos, head of brand lab at Microsoft, told Techworld that the team wanted to redefine the fashion show as people know it. 

"We wanted to create an experience that is memorable and also based on Microsoft technology," he said. 

Fyodor Golan described their summer/spring collection as “an expression of modernity and youthful romance in the digital age”.

They said: “We wanted to translate fast-paced visual language onto ready-to-wear items that translate that vision and showcase vividness and energy."

The futuristic catwalk is not the first time Fyodor Golan and Microsoft have worked together.

At last year's LFW, the duo worked on an interactive smart skirt, which was made entirely of Lumia smartphones. Its aim was to bring the physical and digital worlds together.

Image credits: Mission