Microsoft has launched a version of its Windows Desktop Search application tuned for enterprise use, with features to allow IT managers to distribute and manage it.

The enterprise version of Windows Desktop Search runs on PCs with Windows XP or Windows 2000 and can index and retrieve over 200 types of files stored in users' PCs and in shared network drives.

Microsoft plans to announce the software at its IT Forum event in Barcelona, today, said Heather Friedland, product planner for Windows Desktop Search.

Later, Windows Desktop Search will gain the capability to index and find information users have stored in Windows Live Web-based services, she said.

An option that is available, but still in beta mode, is installing the MSN Search Toolbar, which lets users view enterprise Windows Desktop Search results within Outlook, she said.

The application can be managed through systems management tools such as Microsoft's Systems Management Server, and offersvarious options for establishing policy settings for the application.

The application, which is free, can be downloaded from by visiting MicrosoftÂ’s website.