Microsoft has joined The OpenAjax Alliance, a group set up to grow the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or AJAX, technologies.

Microsoft said it agreed to join the alliance to work with other vendors to help develop AJAX interoperability. The company said that its membership is another indication that it wants to provide web developers with technology that works across different browsers and platforms.

The alliance said that it has signed up 30 new members in recent weeks, bringing the total to 72 vendors. The group was formed last February to create a set of requirements for AJAX technologies, products and applications to ensure interoperability among tools built by different vendors.

The requirements will provide integration of multiple AJAX products and technologies within the same web applications, particularly with applications that use mash-up techniques, according to the alliance. The group also wants to create requirements that can speed delivery times and cut the cost of “Web 2.0” applications, the alliance said.

In addition to working on the interoperability standards, the group has formed task forces to address AJAX security, IDE integration, server integration and client-side server communications, said David Boloker, chairman of the OpenAjax steering committee.