If you can't beat them, join them. Microsoft is continuing its campaign to cosy up to its business rivals by developing the first app for Google's Android.

Microsoft has developed a barcode reader, Tag, for Android phones, which works by pointing a camera at the barcode which the app will interpret.

We're been this way before. In 2008, Microsoft launched its first app for the iPhone and has released several since then.

But, with the current war of words between the two companies over the EC investigation into Google's activities (something that the search giant has hinted was prompted by Microsoft acting in proxy), it would have been understandable if Microsoft had waited, after all, as the Android community blog points out,  Microsoft has released an app that directly competes with its own operating system, while, according to the blog, there's already anexisting barcode scanner in the Android apps store.

The Microsoft Tag app is free and available now.