Microgen has launched Version 4 its enterprise application platform Aptitude, with a new 3D Navigator module that allows business and IT teams to visualise how the processes and elements in an application fit together.

The new feature allows teams to interact with applications in real-time, supporting rapid application development and reducing the time and cost of editing existing applications, according to Microgen.

“Both the pace of change facing enterprises and the complexity of some technologies have increased magnificently in recent years,” said David Sherriff, CEO of Microgen.

“In that sense, Microgen Aptitude V4 is a game-changer for businesses looking at quick and accurate application development within the enterprise to support growth and change.”

The Microgen Aptitude platform takes a graphical approach to application development, enabling users to define business processes and rules, build application logic, integrate data, define database procedures and implement web applications on a single platform.

This can all be done without the in-depth technical knowledge typical of other development approaches, which often require the use of multiple hieroglyphic coding languages or syntax-heavy software packages.

Aptitude V4 also integrates Business User Diagrams (“BUDs”), which emulate the typical ‘white boarding’ design process. This helps to bridge the business and IT gap and reduces inefficiencies, according to Microgen.