Micro Focus subsidiary Borland Software has launched a new application testing solution that allows developers to run tests on a range of platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and HTML5.

Known as Silk Mobile, the software runs on the device itself, and is designed to interact with applications in the same way an end-user would, using multi-touch, swipe, drag and drop, zoom and scrolling.

Using visual capture, developers can record tests directly from the mobile device connected to a PC via a USB cable or Wi-Fi, for playback and editing. Visual action and verification commands can also be used to add logic to test scripts without having to write any code.

“Organisations are under continued pressure to release higher quality mobile apps faster and more often than ever before and Silk Mobile provides development teams the tools they need to deliver on time and on budget,” said Archie Roboostoff, director of the Borland Solutions Portfolio.

“With broad support across platforms and easy-to-use visual capture capabilities, Silk Mobile is a one-stop mobile testing solution.”

Silk Mobile test scripts can be exported to a number of scripting languages, including Java, C#, Python or Perl. Mobile tests can be run as part of continuous delivery processes or existing test automation suites.

A recent study commissioned by Micro Focus found that over 75 percent of respondents globally plan to extend access from modernised mainframe applications to mobile devices within the next two years.

“With security a higher concern on the mobile platform, IT must perform more stringent due diligence to ensure mobile apps work in the same way as their desktop equivalent,” said Ovum analyst Claudio Castelli.

Last year, Micro Focus adapted its SilkPerformer platform for testing of mobile web applications, in a effort to help users improve performance. The tool can be used in the cloud, on premise or both.