The Metropolitan Police and Department for Education have begun using “idea management” software from London-based start-up Wazoku to canvass public opinion on service provision, efficiency gains and policy development.

The idea behind Wazoku's cloud-based software, Government Spotlight, is that it enables central or local government departments to create their own internal or external communities for ideas, innovation, feedback and insight.

The software comes with a range of features including a dashboard which shows 'trending' ideas, analytic tools to organise ideas, report building software, a configurable homepage and third party integrations. Users are able to see where and who ideas came from.

“Everyone in the public sector is aware of the need to save costs and increase efficiencies whilst maintaining the quality of work and improving service delivery – effectively doing more for less,” said Simon Hill, CEO, Wazoku.

“That is why Government Spotlight is proving to be such an effective tool. Policy Officers can use it to test and validate policy ideas, while Chief Executives can canvass staff about ideas on how to cut costs and improve efficiencies.”

The Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing used Government Spotlight to canvass public opinion for its recent report for the Metropolitan Police Service about people who have died or been seriously injured following police contact or in police custody.

Hundreds of people submitted their thoughts to Government Spotlight and the feedback gathered played a significant role in the final report, which launched on 10 May and made 28 different recommendations to inform future MPS conduct.

“Government Spotlight played a pivotal role in gathering feedback from the public on this key report into mental health and policing in London,” said Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, Chief Executive of Turning Point, the organisation which produced the report.

“Public opinion was an important part of the process and as a tool for engaging with the public and capturing their ideas, Government Spotlight met our needs perfectly.”

The Department for Education has also worked with Wazoku as part of the free school initiative, using Government Spotlight’s collaborative consultation tools as part of the community consultation for Reading Academy and Berrygrove Academy.

Wazoku is a G-Cloud certified provider, and was the only UK firm recognised by Gartner in its ‘Who’s Who In Innovation Management Technology’ report. Other customers include Faber & Faber, Diageo and ICAP.