ProjectWizards has added a few new features to the latest version of its project management public beta software for Macs, Merlin 2.5b3.

The new beta adds a "ToDo-List" template and a new menu item "Insert Milestone" has been implemented. Leopard support has also been added.

The list of fixes to the software includes improving the opening projects, improved Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) compatibility, fixed some translation errors, addressed line height display corruption, fixed error in search criteria switching back to "# Predecessor", fixed "Workspaces" menu not showing the default workspaces, addressed cursor shifting when dragging tasks, fixed crash when undoing in certain circumstances, fixed discrepancy between the view and the print preview, fixed percent-complete state; and addressed removal of parent activity when cutting a check-list item.

Merlin 2.5b3 can be downloaded from the company's website.