Magic Software has launched new software for CIOs interested wishing to access their ERP applications around the clock.

The company has launched software, primarily aimed at systems integrators, that will allow enterprise ERP users to access information from the likes of SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards on Windows Mobile devices.

According to David Akka, Magic's UK managing director, the software is all about re-extending the capabilities of ERP to a mobile device. "If you take me as an example, I'm on the road all the time on and there's a need to have access to corporate information all the time, this software will allow that," he said.

The software works by combining Magic Software's uniPaaS application platform and iBOLT integration suite, allowing ERP data to be integrated on the device or on the back-end system, consolidating data on to a single mobile screen.

"The mobile package for ERP is the most efficient and flexible method for porting heavy ERP system data to mobile devices while adding value to that data. Not only are you creating a rich mobile front-end application with fewer resources using the uniPaaS cloud-enabled application platform, but the use of the iBOLT integration suite, which is SAP and Oracle JD Edwards certified, allows users to extend and composite the ERP data with other data without re-working the existing business logic," said Akka.

He also stressed the ease with which users could develop mash-ups using the software. "For example, I can use data from Salesforce but mash it up with data from other applications." Akka said that it was the way forward for enterprises, expecting them to create those type of mash-ups more often in the future.

At the moment the software will work only with Windows mobile devices but there are plans to roll it out to Blackberry and Android phones later this year. Akka said he hoped to have iPhone capability next year – "that's a bit more problematical, there are problems with multi-threading on the iPhone that need to be sorted," he said.